The technology at the heart of StrikeCoach is the PowerKube the most advanced system, commercially available, for measuring impact power. The calibrated equipment is built around a professional understanding of the principles of power generation twinned with ground breaking measurement technology. It enables us to provide a unique series of products that have revolutionised the power performance world.

PowerKube accurately and impartially records your body performance; it will not flatter or undermine your effort, it simply records the power you generate.

You learn what generates the correct numbers, and your coaching program enhances your delivery; we expect, as we have noted with most of our test athletes, an improvement in the range of 20% to 50% in performance figures.

You can experience this performance improvement too.

You can break through your body’s performance barriers and reveal its full power potential through cutting edge, sports science innovation.

What does it do for you?

We accurately measure, in real time, your striking power using our unique, scientifically calibrated kit.

You strike the scientifically calibrated pad and you get immediate feedback delivering unparalleled insight and coaching applications to improve your striking power and accuracy.

The kit won't fudge or fake it, if you're off target or under performing for whatever reason it will deliver the data to get you back on track. This is invaluable information for consistent athletic development and allows tracking of any underlying issues, be it medical, such as injury, to the psychological, such as training camp fatigue.

Our kit is designed to use in the gym, in the field or in work environments.

It is simple, our kit will go to where you or your team are. You will have immediate information to build bolster, create and inspire you or your team to magnificent athletic endeavour.

For the avoidance of doubt our equipment does not ‘Guess Estimate’ average data based on a LUT or predetermined range. We leave that to other brands. Our data is based on you and your performance.

What the experts say  

'Recently, scientists at the Australian Institute of Sport quantified the reliability of the StrikeMate for measuring maximal punching power in athletes. Their findings help coaches and athletes interpret the results of testing using the StrikeMate. Their assessments showed that if an athletes punching power improves by more than 1.8% over time, they can be confident that their training has lead to positive change in performance, not simply random variation'. Quote: Clare Humberstone, PhD BSc (Hons), Senior Sport Physiologist, Physiology, Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Sports Commission. Measurement taken in kilowatts.



How do we measure it?

The Impossible Measurement
The phrases 'Pounds per square inch' and Newtonian Force are not relevant for measuring human performance. They are only relevant where the target area is solid and immoveable like a hammer or a tank. It is a largely useless term in the athletic environment where precious humans, from celebrity players to the all important you, shouldn't strike a hard unmoving object, unless you wish to experience impact damage.

The solution
Our development team created a new method of defining human impact power using controlled compression technology. Recording multiple inputs throughout the range of a strike from initiation, delivery and finish we are able to capture the full picture of an impact. Powerful mathematical equations were used to render the data into useable athlete performance feedback.

Research & Development
Each StrikeCoach product featuring the StrikeMate unit is scientifically calibrated to ensure that it accurately and consistently measures each impact. This calibration is based on the result of 7 years of Cambridge based scientific research and development. This research created the Franklin unit, a combined measurement that is a credible and usable scale to measure athletic performance.

Through the production process all materials are carefully tested and manufactured to ensure every unit delivers accurate and reliable bench marked data.