In March this year the StrikeCoach team and StrikeMate took part in one of our most exciting projects to date, StrikeMate took centre stage in a promotional video with 5 heavyweight sport stars George Groves, Luke Rockhold, Antonio Nogueira, Nick Easter and Bayo Akinfenwa to launch the brand new UFC game developed by EA sports ‘Finish the fight 2’

Two full on, action filled days of filming took place at the fantastic Fight City gym in central London. Every one wanted a Try Out from famous Athletes, a frenzy of Journalists as well as representatives of EA sports and the UFC.

To start the day 5 top journalists were put through a gruelling 3 x 5 minute MMA style circuit by a team of specialists from the Sports Science Agency, in between each round they were all measured on the StrikeMate to see how their stamina would compare against the athletes.
Next it was time to meet the pro athletes and after a series of photo shoots it was time to get down to business.
First up was professional footballer Bayo Akinfenwa, famous for being the worlds strongest player on Fifa he is a huge guy who would look equally at home on an American football pitch, his character and energy matched his size as he went in to full on beast mode on the StrikeMate getting some fantastic numbers.
Next to tackle the pad was England Rugby international Nick Easter, with his solid stature and powerful frame developed from a lifetime of Rugby Easter showed huge stopping power hitting some massive numbers that were close to the scores of Akinfenwa.

Then it was on to the combat guys, it is always very exciting for us at StrikeCoach to measure top combat athletes on the kit as we love to get insight in to the Pros.
First in line was professional boxing champion George Groves, and he didn't disappoint as he demonstrated knock out power and precision and that was only his left hand! Unfortunately we didn't get to measure his right due to an injury, but next time George ; )

Next up was UFC and pride veteran Antonio ‘Big Nog’ Noguiera. Antonio is a legend in the Mixed Martial Arts world and is famous for his phenomenal grappling skills, but this time he proved he had awesome striking as well when he generated huge power on the StrikeMate.
Last on the kit was UFC Middle weight star Luke Rockhold, he proved his champion’s status on the pad scoring a phenomenal 99,000 Franklins with a right cross, which was, by a long way, the biggest strike of the day and one of the biggest strikes we have ever measured on the pad.
After everyone had become acquainted with the StrikeMate they were pitched against each other in 3 X 5 minute combat fitness rounds being measured in-between rounds on the StrikeMate to see who had the endurance and stamina to ‘Finish the fight’ This is where the competitive streak came out and it was entertaining to see the banter between the athletes throughout.

The day finished with a visit from senior UFC management, and veteran fighter and winner of the original Ultimate fighter, Forrest Griffin. Watching Forrest and StrikeMate inventor Kevin ‘Doc Brown’ Franklin have a punch off on the pad was a fantastic way to end what had been an incredible day.
The production team then went away and produced an amazing promotional video used to promote the launch of 'Finish the fight 2

 The video was shared across all media channels including the EA sports and UFC websites and all forms of social media.
The event also prompted editorial content in almost everyone major UK news publications online, a huge achievement for StrikeMate and the StrikeCoach team.
It was a privilege to be a part of such an amazing and high profile project, thanks to everyone at EA sports, the UFC, Clifford French PR, the Sports Science Agency and Fight City Gym for their hospitality.

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