Our brand new range of products and services brings about a new era for advances within performance in the combat and impact sports industries.

Measure power, speed, stamina and Reaction times,

StrikeCoach Pro’s elite athlete range enables the measurement of all performance areas within a combat athlete's technique base.

Our system is accurate yet simple to use and has been validated by scientists at the Australian institute of sport and has been used extensively in research papers.
The StrikeCoach Pro system assesses performance of combat athletes in the gym, in the work environment or on the field.
Instant read outs and data analysis ensure the best results for you as athletes and gym members.

  • Motivate athletes with instant read outs.
  • Compare athletes and performance immediately, and over time.
  • Recognise fatigue, illness and injury.
  • Asses comparative limb strength.
  • Assess body symmetry.
  • Highlight strengths and weaknesses.
  • Measure impact power, compressive energy and reaction time.
  • Create a competitive environment with online league tables.
  • Demonstrate different training and conditioning programs.
  • Assess and analyse the effectiveness of different training and conditioning programs.
  • Improve efficiency in techniques and body mechanics.

Power generation is a key factor for enabling success in the combat and impact sports and also is a demonstration of technical ability and efficient and effective use of the body.

Athletes can recover faster by monitoring data over time and analysing fatigue levels to peak performance.

Our StrikeCoach Pro software provides instant feedback on results and automatically generates a leaderboard creating a competitive environment in the gym encouraging engagement and participation.