StrikeCoach Pro Package
includes -
StrikeMate Pro Power trainer
StrikeCoach Pro Software
StrikeCoach Pro Coaching manual

One off purchase or rental options are available, please e mail for further information

StrikeCoach Pro Gym Package
Includes -
StrikeMate Pro Power trainer
StrikeCoach Power station
StrikeMate Pro PC based software
StrikeCoach Pro Coaching manual.

One off purchase or rental options are available, please e mail for further information.

StrikeCoach Pro software
Our easy to use software is totally customisable to any style or sport . StrikeCoach Pro software gives athletes and coaches the ability to instantly perform, measure and analyse every conceivable technique in the combat and impact sports. Enabling users to build individual profiles and monitor and improve performance over time.

StrikeCoach Pro Coaching software Features
⁃ Import multiple users
⁃ input unlimited techniques
⁃ Displays human force in Franklins, Speed power in Ft/lbs-sec and
compressive energy in calories X10
⁃ Audio and visual trigger for reaction timing.
⁃ Individual profiles detailing, Name Weight, height, age, sex, grade, e mail
⁃ Export all logged Data.
⁃ Inbuilt Power, stamina and endurance workouts.

StrikeMate Pro Power trainer

The StrikeMate Pro power trainer is designed to be hand held for ease of use. Its size and weight make it completely portable and is perfect for Personal trainers, martial arts instructors and other busy health and fitness professionals.
The patented controlled compression technology is designed to specifically prevent and reduce the risk of injury, giving a tactile striking surface suitable for the heaviest blow a human can deliver. This makes it suitable for measuring the whole spectrum of techniques and impacts within combat and impact sports.

StrikeCoach Power Station

The power station is designed specifically for full time gyms, martial arts schools and other sporting and research facilities.
The power station provides a fixed and completely adjustable column enabling single users to perform without the need for assistance. An additional foot plate can be used making the Power station portable for use at events outside of the gym.
⁃ Quick release arm For easy adjustment
⁃ Completely adjustable from vertical to 45 degrees.
- Removable foot plate for portable use.

StrikeCoach Pro coaching manual

The StrikeCoach Pro training manual has been designed to give users the knowledge and support need to make the most of their StrikeCoach Pro training tools. The manual enables users to provide a whole host of different training programs and services including personal training, group sessions, events and tournaments.
The manual also provides all the necessary health and safety information to ensure that all training is carried out safely and correctly.

StrikeCoach Pro Online portal

The Online portal gives remote access to all of the information provided in the manual, along with videos detailing coaching tips, workout and training ideas.
The online portal can be customised to include instructional information exclusive to your club, school or organisation. A perfect addition for police and military organisations.

All of our StrikeCoach products are individually calibrated to be consistent and scientifically comparable across the product range.

Our products have been rigorously testing processes and come with a warranty.

All components are of the highest quality and all our products are manufactured within the UK.